- Biography -

Viera Jakubek was introduced to art at an early age by her father in communist Czechoslovakia. His work still surrounds and inspires her.

After emigrating to Canada with her husband, raising their two children and running their business, Viera looked to nature for stress relief. There she found endless patterns, shapes and colors that seemed impossible to describe. To capture all of it, she uses oil, fabric, soapstone, but her favorite and principal means of expression is through her camera. Viera believes that Mother Nature is generous and shows her best to those who are patient.

Viera's work can be found in private collections in Canada and Europe, and can also be seen in Country Images Studio in Dufresne, Manitoba, where she lives with her family. She has been a member of the Assinniboia Group of Artists since 2004 and so has been a regular participant at the:

Manitoba Art Expo