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All of Viera's photographs are prepared in a profesional photo lab. Only acid free and archival materials are used for mounting, matting and framing. The final work is displayed behind non-glare glass. Many works are also produced on canvas.

The quality of the images on this website does not reflect the true quality of Viera's photographs. The images here have been reduced for quick and easy viewing.

- Ordering Information -

If you would like to order a print of one of Viera's beautiful photographs, just cut-and-paste the photo's name, including the numbers, and click on this EMAIL LINK Viera will respond with information regarding available image sizes, matting, framing, pricing, etc.

Thank you for your interest.

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35013 Mun 49N
Dufresne, Manitoba
R5K 0N4

Cell: (204) 371-3668
Email: viera.jakubek@gmail.com

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Presently this website is comprised of 64 Main Pages, with close to 500 Photographs.
Every photo is displayed on its own page thereby comprising close to 500 Secondary Pages.
All these pages are organised within 46 sub-folders on the main site.
Last updated: February, 2019.

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